A Patient's Story - SPH

A woman called in the morning asking for the soonest available pregnancy test appointment and that she really needed it to be that day. We scheduled her for that afternoon. She arrived with a man and the two of them looked stressed and tense.

During her intake it was discovered that her and the man in the lobby were engaged and had been planning their wedding. She shared that they had also made a plan to never have children. She had a few medical conditions that led her to believe that she would never be able to get pregnant. She also shared that her fiancé had an appointment for that week to have a vasectomy. An appointment that had been on their calendar long before this day.

She had taken a test at home that morning that was positive. So many thoughts, fears, and emotions hit them at once. They had already decided that she would have an abortion. She said they truly did not want to have children. All they needed was for her pregnancy to be confirmed here and they could proceed with abortion arrangements. Her test was indeed positive at her appointment and she was already past seven weeks of pregnancy.

Our nurse was able to give her an ultrasound that same day and while she was staring at her baby on the screen, she stayed quiet. She said that it was all too much to take in. When her advocate asked if she would like her fiancé to come back and see their baby, she said no. She said he really did not want to be a father. He wanted her to have an abortion. Their life plans only included the two of them. She was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to process everything. Before she left, the nurse told her that she could come back and have another ultrasound here if she and her fiancé changed their minds and to just give us a call. When they left they looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders.

A week later the phone rang. It was her again. She said that she and her fiancé had time to process their pregnancy and that they have decided to parent. She said that he now wants to come in and be a part of another ultrasound. He wants the opportunity to see his baby on the screen.

Written by Sierra Pregnancy + Health’s Client Services Manager, Kristin Lowther