She found herself far from the Lord several years ago. While she had a stable family foundation and a Christian upbringing, she had succumbed to the patterns of this world and was living a lifestyle of self-indulgence and irresponsibility.

After she had been living with her boyfriend, in a very dysfunctional relationship, she learned that she had become pregnant. Riddled with guilt and the realization that she did not want to bring a child into her current situation, she spent her pregnancy battling between her unhealthy habits and her desire to work toward something more significant for her and her child.

When it came time to give birth, she went into the hospital intending to bring her baby back home with her and her boyfriend. But God had a different plan.

Upon seeing her son’s face, the Lord spoke clearly into her heart. Recognizing that her old home was NOT going to be their home, she immediately broke up with her boyfriend and asked her parents if she and her son could live with them straight from the hospital. Her earthly father was the first to step up as a father role for this baby boy.

From that day on, she worked hard, learning from her past mistakes, living out a healthier life for her and her son. Her ex-boyfriend was never involved in their lives as he continued down the spiral of dysfunction. She spent her time learning how to be an independent single mom, went back to school to finish her degree and focused on walking with the Lord and letting Him restore her to who He intended her to be.

Three and a half years into this journey — and when she was least expecting it — the Lord brought a man into her life that she knew from high school. He fell in love with her, he fell in love with her son, and most importantly, he was in love with the Lord. As their relationship deepened, this man saw the beauty in her journey and capacity for grace, recognizing the difficult journey of restoration taking place. Because of this man’s experience of growing up without knowing his father, he had always had a passion to “be a father to the fatherless,” and learned how to let the Lord fill the void in his life that no earthly man could. His journey prepared him to embrace her situation and not shy away from it.

When she realized that this man was “the one,” she could do nothing but thank Jesus for answering her prayers beyond what she expected or could imagine. Not only was he the man of HER dreams, but his love and instant bond with her son a need so desperately needed. They married soon after and are expecting a little girl this Fall. Even though this man is “Dad” since he came into their lives, they hope to make it official by the end of the year through the adoption of her son.

She is now working at Sierra Pregnancy + Health, offering hope to other young women that find themselves in unplanned pregnancies like her. While blending any family comes with its set of challenges, the provision, grace, and guidance that Jesus has given this young family is nothing short of a miracle. The willingness that one man had to say YES to the Lord, be a father to the fatherless, and stand in the gap for the sake of this little boy, has changed the trajectory of his sweet young life forever.