A couple from a foreign country came into the clinic. They hadn’t been here long and were working through the proper channels to obtain their citizenship. In working through that long process, they unexpectedly found themselves pregnant. They had not planned to have children for quite some time, but here they were. Because of where they were at in their journey to become US citizens, they could not yet receive Medi-Cal. They came to SPH feeling scared and overwhelmed by the reality that they were now pregnant without any health care coverage in a new country.

They expressed that while they were wanting to be excited for this pregnancy, they were still feeling fearful and confused on how and where to get help – with the added stress of feeling far away from home. Their Patient Advocate and the Nurse Manager loved on them and affirmed how they were feeling while giving them some tangible resources out in our local community that could drastically help this couple in real time. They were extremely grateful to have found us.

As a Christian ministry, we rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us on how to share the love of Christ with every patient that we see. We love having the opportunity to love on people from every race, religion and background. This couple was no different.

Because our services are free, they were able to come back for an ultrasound and gain a better understanding of what is happening with their pregnancy. While we do not provide OB care at this time, our free ultrasounds act as a hope giving bridge into the hearts and lives of people who are not able to get immediate care. That, in and of itself, is hope in action.