Many people think that women facing an unplanned pregnancy and wanting an abortion are single, young, and living a promiscuous life with multiple layers of disfunction. While this is certainly true for many, this is not always the case.

She came in alone even though she had marked married on her check in form. She wanted a pregnancy test. She shared with her Advocate that she felt a heavy responsibility to give all of her focused time and attention to the two children she already had and that she felt like she didn’t have room in her life or her heart for another child. She said having a baby wouldn’t be fair to her kids. She said her husband was leaving the decision fully to her and that he would do whatever she wanted. Her mother was pushing her to just “take care of it”, meaning to get an abortion.

She said she was going to get an abortion no matter what but that she wanted to come back to SPH for an ultrasound. Her first ultrasound revealed inconclusive results and she found herself hoping she would miscarry. She was offered a re-scan a couple weeks later.

That scan revealed a healthy baby. She was torn about what she saw and what she wanted to do but said that she had an appointment the following week at Planned Parenthood for an abortion and that she was going to go.

The week went by and she called to talk with our Nurse. She said that she went to her abortion appointment and that the way she was treated there was so terrible in comparison to the love and care she received at SPH that she decided to walk out of her abortion appointment. She said that the way we treated her made her feel so loved and like what she was going through really mattered. Because of this, she made the decision to carry her pregnancy and place her baby for adoption into the loving care of her cousin and his wife who are infertile and have been hoping to become parents for years. One conversation of genuine love, kindness, empathy, and support can change the future for many generations. This is the work of Sierra Pregnancy + Health.