Many women find themselves pregnant who, for a number of reasons, don’t feel that they can parent that child. However, some of these also do not feel like they can have an abortion.

Adoption is an option that has been greatly misunderstood. If parenting is out of the question, here are some points that you should consider:

What Is the Best Choice For You?

If you feel you cannot raise a child yourself and are wondering what to do, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What Are Your Feelings About Abortion?

Have you always been opposed to abortion but now feel backed into a corner? Are there doubts about this being the right way to go?

2. Are You Being Pressured Into Choosing Abortion?

Is your partner or your family insisting that you have an abortion? Do you feel like you have to choose abortion against your will?

3. Would You Choose To Parent If Things Were Different?

Is there a part of you that wants a child, but the timing is just not right? If the situation changed, would you be excited to be a parent?

What Can Cause Negative Mental Health Impacts Abortion?

According to a compilation of studies, the following factors can lead to negative mental health issues after an abortion:

  • Having an abortion when it goes against a woman’s convictions or conscience
  • When a woman has an abortion because others have coerced or pressured her
  • When the pregnancy is wanted, or the woman has maternal desires
  • Having existing mental health issues before an abortion

How Can An Adoption Plan Help?

With an adoption plan, the woman chooses to continue her pregnancy to term. At that point, the baby is placed into a family that has been carefully screened and shows a strong desire to love and care for the child.

Birth mothers usually pick the family themselves. They can see pictures, read information, and choose the type of family they think would be best to raise their child.

Adoptions can be completely closed, completely open, or somewhere in between. Again, that is the woman’s choice.

You may still feel sadness and grief after adoption. However, you can replace any feelings of abortion regret with thoughts of a happy child in the hands of a loving family.

For some, this can be very healing.

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