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Whether or not you are suggesting an abortion to end a pregnancy, be informed of all the options and effects on men + women.


Talk to another guy about life. Our male advocates can help you navigate through decisions and your next steps.


Whether you are facing parenthood, are already a parent, or want more life skills, you can earn free incentives while taking our free in-person and online classes.

Men are Affected by Abortion

 Abortion decisions affect each partner uniquely and usually leads to an increase in relationship problems. If couples were together before the unplanned pregnancy, most break-up after an abortion. If couples do stay together after an abortion, grief, not healthy love, is often what keeps them attached. Sexual problems increase, and satisfaction decreases. When grief isn’t processed, both men and women are likely to report intimate partner violence.[1]

Its common many men don’t know their sexual partner got pregnant and to find out later she had an abortion. He didn’t get a chance to offer support or be involved in the decision. Either way, men have the permission to talk through abortion experiences.

The Impact is Real. Think it through…

When she asks you if she should get an abortion and you remain silent, she will likely feel abandoned and assume you don’t care.

Even if you say “I support you whatever you decide,” can feel like pressure to abort because that response lacks support. An abortion decision is tough, but we can help you work through your next steps.

  • Women feel pressured to abort 75% 75%
  • Aborting women who fear losing their partners 30% 30%

Other losses…

If your partner has had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or having difficulty getting pregnant, we can help you understand the grief process. We offer reproductive grief care for men, led by men. Schedule a phone consult today.

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