There are potential side effects to every medical procedure, including abortion. Some women consider the physical risks but are not aware of the possible mental health effects of abortion.

Women can experience a rollercoaster of emotions after an abortion, including grief, relief, confusion, and sadness. Sometimes a woman may feel relief at first but struggle with unresolved emotions months or even years later.

Mental Health Effects of Abortion

Abortion can take an emotional toll on women. Experts agree that women experience significant mental health issues triggered or caused by abortion. The possible risk factors for negative mental health impacts include:

A history of prior mental illness
Feeling pressured into an abortion
Choosing abortion without sufficient attention to maternal desires
Choosing abortion with a lack of attention to moral beliefs

The Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion (TFMHA) states, “it is clear that some women do experience sadness, grief, and feelings of loss following termination of a pregnancy, and some experience clinically significant disorders, including depression and anxiety.”

Confirm Your Pregnancy

If you are considering abortion, it’s essential to confirm your pregnancy to determine your pregnancy options.

Our highly trained RNs use medical-grade, urine-based pregnancy tests. It’s a simple and painless process.

An ultrasound is the next step of the pregnancy confirmation process. At our clinic, we confirm the gestational age, viability, and fetal heartbeat. You will also have time to ask questions and receive clarity about your pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage are common complications to rule out your pregnancy. An ultrasound will help alert you to any of these possible complications.

Appointments typically range from 45 to 60 minutes, and you are welcome to bring a support person or come alone.

Schedule a free appointment to get answers about your next steps today. We are here for you!

Please Note: We do not provide extended OB/GYN or prenatal care, fertility testing, abortion services, or referrals for abortion.